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Current Capabilities:

  • Expertise in Python
  • Data Science: What's in your data
  • Large Scale Automated Data Processing
  • Subject Matter Expertise in EO and LiDAR
  • Subject Matter Expertise in Human Performance
  • Subject Matter Expertise in detection, classification and algorithm exploitation
  • Sensor System Development

Evelyn Boettcher

Evelyn J. Boettcher

Principal / Founder

Physicist with a wide array of skills in
Data Science, EO/IR domains and software programing.

Evelyn J. Boettcher is owner and founder of DiDacTex, LLC. She has over 16 years of experience in the field of electro-optics. In addition, she has over 20 years of combined research experience: both applied and pure science in industry and academia.
She has been head author in respected peer review journals, present findings at international and national meetings and received patents for electro-optical devices (# 6,738,536 & 6,944,372).
She received her master’s degree in physics from the University of Maryland and a B.S. with honors in physics from the University of Florida.

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